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Early Changes at Kairat: Borodyuk Out, Tskhadadze In

Early Changes at Kairat: Borodyuk Out, Tskhadadze In
Alexandr Borodyuk decided to part ways with Kairat Almaty (Photo credit: Eduard Gavrish)

Amid Kairat Almaty's coaching crisis, Alexandr Borodyuk stepped down as the side's head coach, with Kakhaber Tskhadadze coming in in order to replace him.

The first resignation in 2016 Kazakhstan Premier League has come quickly and in shocking fashion. After just four games in charge of Kairat Almaty, Russian manager Alexandr Borodyuk announced his decision to leave his post voluntarily.

The 1988 Olympic Games winner has resigned long before the end of the three-year contract he penned on December 28, 2015.

“The club board undertook attempts to keep Alexandr Borodyuk in charge but the coach decided to leave FC Kairat.

“FC Kairat thank Alexandr Genrikhovich for the work he performed at our club and wish him best luck in his further career,”  the statement on Kairat official site said.

Borodyuk, for his side, expressed his gratitude to his former employers. “I would like to thank the club's board, supporters, players and personnel,” said the 53-year-old, per Kairat official site.

“I will have only the positive emotions after the time spent at Kairat. I wish the team good luck in the future. I hope Kairat will manage to achieve all the goals they set,” added Borodyuk.

Borodyuk refused to comment on reasons behind the decision to terminate his deal. But at the surface of it, there is Kairat's poor display at the start of the season as Almaty side sit ninth in the league table having sealed only one point in three gameweeks.

Andrey Arshavin, Akzhayik Oral vs Kairat Almaty
Andrey Arshavin's arrival coincided with Kairat Almaty's managerial mess (Photo credit: fckairat.kz)

The experts and fans reckon discipline issues within the squad, pointing at the lack of teamwork in recent outings and mentioning a suprising fact that the club's debutant Léandre Tawamba took the penalty at Akzhayik Oral in the decisive moments of the game. The spot kick could see Kairat rescue a point for Borodyuk's men but instead, it was saved by goalkeeper to hand the visitors a 2-1 loss.

The club that ended 2015 campaign as the KPL runners-up and the Kazakhstan Cup winners under Vladimír Weiss, aims the further step forward this season both in the domestic top flight and on the European stage where Kairat were close to advancing to the Europa League group phase last time out.

Though there are question marks hanging over Kairat's plans of dominating the league and challenging the defending champions FC Astana. However, before leaving, Borodyuk managed to lift a silverware in his debut when Kairat have defeated Astana on penalties in the Kazakhstan Super Cup in early March.

Immediately after Borodyuk's resignation, there were speculations in the local and Russian media on possible departure of newly signed Andrey Arshavin. It is suggested that it was Borodyuk, the Russia national team assistant coach in 2002–2012, who provided the catalyst for Arshavin's recruiting by encouraging the ex-Zenit St.Petersburg and Arsenal FC star to join the Kazakhstan side.

“Admittedly, Alexander Genrikhovich acted like a real man,” commented the situation Kazakhstan football legend and expert Kuralbek Ordabayev.

“It didn't take long for him to realize he wasn't able to pull strings in the squad which became obvious even in the Super Cup game. The team were completely unprepared, I wonder what the players were doing during pre-season training in Turkey. Their leaders – Islamkhan, Gohou, Kuat, Tymoshchuk – looked much worse than they were last year.

“Borodyuk waited to see another three games and then came to understanding that it was better to hand over the reins to another manager before it's too late. He realizes there is yet time to amend the situation because the season is still a long way to go.

“And we should thank him for his decision. He terminated his contract by himself without claiming any compensation which is also worthy of praise.”

The void left by Borodyuk has been filled with another post-Soviet manager few days later as Kairat Almaty appointed Kakhaber Tskhadadze as their new head coach on Thursday. The Georgian joined Kairat on a seven-month deal to lead them till the end of the 2016 season.

Kairat Almaty hired Kakhaber Tskhadadze (L) as Aleksandr Borodyuk's successor
Kairat Almaty hired Kakhaber Tskhadadze (L) as Alexandr Borodyuk's successor (Photo credit: fckairat.kz)

Tskhadadze, 47, is known for his bright career which included Dinamo Tbilisi, Spartak Moskva, Eintracht Frankfurt and Manchester City. As a coach, he plied his trade in native Georgia and Azerbaijan before taking charge of the Georgia national team in 2015.

He left this post recently and, by stepping in at Almaty side, completed an unexpected Kairat-Georgia reshuffle, with former Kairat manager Weiss now guiding Georgia.

Tskhadadze is set to make his debut in Kazakhstan Premier League in Kairat Almaty's Week 4 game at FC Atyrau on Saturday.

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